Summer Program

According to several educational research groups, summer learning is critical for the academic success in the immediately following academic year. It accounts for as much as two-thirds of the difference in the likelihood of a student being at, above or below grade level for all age groups from age 2. The lack of learning that occurs during summer months has both short-term and long-term consequences.

In line with these findings, it is crucial to keep children’s brains engaged and challenged without long periods of break.

Research also suggests that it is beneficial to keep a young child’s day more or less consistent throughout the summer months to help prevent learning losses. In addition, this approach can potentially ease the anxiety that often comes with transitioning into a new classroom or a new school in the fall.

The summer program at MCS has specific learning goals in line with our school year curriculum. A portion of the day will be spent on our curriculum goals. Students will revise and revisit Math concepts and work on improving speed and accuracy by way of daily worksheets.

Our Elementary age kids will have several reading activities (including a weekly trip to the library!!) that will include selected non-fictional and fictional material. We also will have weekly Critical thinking and Logical Reasoning sessions and group activities that kindle out-of-the-box thinking. Academics will be inter-twined with loads of fun (because that’s what summer is all about!!)

Summer of Wonder Jr. Camp Brochure

Summer of Wonder Jr. Camp 2017

Summer of Wonder Sr. Camp Brochure

Summer of Wonder Sr. Camp 2017